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Auto Expo 2023: This event used to be a yearly one that was most awaited by all who loved vehicles. The event was stopped for a few years after the pandemic and now it is time for the event to go live again. In this article, we have shared the Auto Expo 2023 date and location, and time for you. Read this article for exclusive information about the Auto Expo 2023 ticket purchase.

The upcoming Auto Expo 2023 has already been making the news all over the ground. The biggest car and bike manufacturers come from all over the world to display their latest technology and work. Many new launches are also announced at this event; thus, it is never possible to have a simple one-day auto expo in India. The event is usually 3 to 4 days long and different brands schedule their presence at the expo for different days. Even the passes are distributed on per day basis and some of the higher-range pass packages are aimed at a universal entrance.

Auto Expo 2023 Overview

The much-awaited Auto Expo 2023 launch is here and we know that all the passionate tech lovers are excited to see all the updates on this event. The event is beneficial for all the people who are engaged in businesses related to vehicle manufacturing. A number of new and improved vehicle launches are also set to be displayed. Here is a detailed overview for all the enthusiasts:

Auto Expo 2023 Overview
Event Auto Expo 2023
Category Automobile
Date 12th – 18th January
Cars to be displayed As shared in the article
Bikes to be displayed As shared in the article
Location India Expo Mart, Noida Expressway

Auto Expo 2023 Location

The Auto Expo is set to be held at India Expo Mart, Noida Expressway. This location is different from its pre-pandemic locations as we know that many users were expecting the location to be the same. However, the change in location is due to the presence of a better and more approachable location for the upcoming vehicles. Tata and Hyundai are set to launch their electronic vehicles and many new launches are in the works for the coming year. So those who are planning to buy new cars and bikes, go check the Auto Expo out

Auto Expo 2023 Time

The event will be held from 12th to 18th January and all these days will not be exclusively available for all. The event will not be open for regular visitors on 13th January as it will be the business guest entry only, each time a day is reserved for the business category due to the surge in groups of people who aim to make a business deal with companies.

The tickets will range from INR 350 to INR 750, based on the day of the week. The weekend charges will be as high as INR 750 and the prices for the business day will be around INR 475.

You can book the tickets at

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Auto Expo Cars and Bikes Exhibit 2023

The very anticipated event will be showcasing cars from some of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world. The manufacturers are all set to bring in their latest designs and collections and launch them for the market right at this event. Top-ranked companies like TATA, Hyundai, Kia, Benelli, MG Motor, Toyota, Lexus, and more will be sharing their latest launches with the users.

Auto Expo 2023
Auto Expo 2023


Auto Expo 2023 FAQ

When will Auto Expo 2023 will be held?
Auto Expo 2023 is set to start on 12th January 2023 and the last day is 18th January 2023.

Where will Auto Expo Venue 2023 be?
Auto Expo 2023 will be held in India Expo Mart, Noida Expressway

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