Antman Quantumania Release Date, Advance Booking, Box Office Collection and more!

Antman Quantumania Release Date: The latest addition to the marvel movie series is here and we are more than just excited about this. the multiverse recently opened in the Marvel universe and obviously, the new movie will be one of the most important movie releases of the year. This time now we will get see to the movie that we have all been waiting for finally Ant-Man will battle Kang in the multiverse of madness! For those of you thinking that what this new movie is up to, be ready and be prepared to give it your all and gear up to make Antman Quantumania Release Date.

The newest addition to the marvel universe is considered to e the movie which will open doors to a whole new line of movies and the script will be the torchbearer for many new shows and movies to come. Well worry not there are going to be some very interesting twists and turns and with that being said all the marvel fans beware, the tickets will be booked well in advance. So, make sure you reserve a spot at the cinema halls and keep reading to find out all the details.

Antman Quantumania Release Date

We know this article is being read by all the lovely marvel fans out there and worry not guys we are not here to disappoint. You will not only encounter the details on advance booking but the details on the newest insights on what the movie will be like. This one here is a movie that will move you off your feet and is expected to be one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. As marvel kick starts 2023 with the super cool Antman and the Wasp Quantumania, and the arrival of Kang there has to be something super cool in store for all.

Read the overview section below to keep yourself updated with all the details on the newest blockbuster by Marvel. We know this isn’t enough for all you geeks and make sure you get a chance to go through the deeper details of the movie. Every insight we have got from the sources is in this section below! Do not miss out on anything and make sure you get a chance to check out all the details we have shared.

Antman Quantumania Release Date Overview

Antman Quantumania Release Date Overview
Name Ant-man Quantumania
Category Entertainment
Release Date 17th February 2023
OTT Disney+Hotstar
Advance Booking To be announced

Antman Quantumania Plot

The movie is set in a world after the introduction of the multi-verse. Loki season 1 was the first time we saw the villain of the new phase of Marvel, the one and only Kang. Now that he is returning to the multiverse, he is here to rule. As one of the biggest leads of the new show, we are sure to see this movie playing a big role in the upcoming movies in the future

So as per the current news, the movie is set in a world where Ant-Man and Wasp are living a happy life after her return from the switch. His daughter is back too and all of them make an experiment that takes them into the quantum dimension. That is where Kang lives and that is where he operates. Now let’s see how the most underrated superhero and yet the most loved hero of the marvel universe fights this. We can anticipate appearances from Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius and if that happens we are surely hooting!!!

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Antman Quantumania – How to book

You can log into the local service providers are your area. See the relevant online platforms that will help you book the tickets and make sure that you give this a chance like no other. The booking will open a week before the release and as per reports the first full week will go completely booked!

Antman Quantumania Release Date

The movie is all set to be released on 17th February. The day is almost here and we are so excited about this amazing venture. Make sure you make it a point to do your best to attempt at booking timely!

Antman Quantumania Release Date
Antman Quantumania Advance Booking

Antman Quantumania Advance Booking FAQs

When will Antman Quantumania Advance Booking start?

Ant-man Quantumania Advance Booking will start one week prior to the release date

How to watch Antman Quantumania online?

The movie will soon feature on Disney+Hotstar

Official Website

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