Anand Piramal Net Worth, Family, Kids, Biography, Age, Business and More

Anand Piramal Net Worth: One of the wealthiest heirs in India is Ajay Piramal’s son, Anand Piramal. The Piramal family has always been amongst India’s elites, and their life updates have been the talk of the town. They reside in Mumbai, owning multiple lavish houses. Anand Piramal is the executive director of the Piramal Group and operates his own real business focused in Mumbai. Anand was married to Isha Ambani, who is another wealthy heir of the Ambani Family. This article will tell you everything about Anand Piramal Net Worth, family, biography, age, and more.

Anand Piramal Net Worth

Anand Piramal became the leader of the Piramal group as he grew up and had been making rounds for his impressive work. He started his own real estate business that became instantly successful and has added millions to his net worth. He has been a class apart business mind and has led his company to a success it had never seen before. Sooner or later he is expected to top the charts of the wealthiest people in India, and we cannot expect any less from him.

Anand Piramal Net Worth Overview
Name Anand Piramal
Net Worth USD 4.9 billion
Age 33
Spouse Isha Ambani
Business Company Piramal Group

Anand Piramal – Net Worth Stats

The net worth of Anand Piramal is not yet revealed for the year 2022. We will be updating the same as soon as it is known by the public. However, Anand’s father Ajay’s net worth was USD 2.9 Billion. The anticipating Anand’s age is about to be USD 4.9 billion. This number is set to increase to about USD 5.3 – USD 5.6 billion in 2023. He has also married Isha Ambani and Isha a power couple all set to lead the business streamlining in India.

Seeing the drastic growth trends in Anand’s net worth the nation is acknowledged as one of the most prominent names in the business and is all set to lead the statistics of the richest in India in a matter of a few years.

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Anand Piramal Family

Anand was recently in the news after welcoming his twins into the world. He was blessed with two kids one girl and one boy. Anand and Isha have named their daughter Aadya, and son Krishna. Both were welcome with praise and appreciation in Mumbai after Isha delivered the children. Anand is the son of Marwari business tycoon Ajay Piramal and has a sister, Nandini Piramal. The family has always been passionate about business and thus the whole squad is involved in the family business.

Anand Piramal Career

Being one of the leading heirs to one of the biggest business companies in India has never been enough for Anand. He has made it big with his own hard work and he thus started his own businesses. Being the executive director was one of the key aspects for Anand and additionally, he worked hard and started his own real estate company that has been flourishing now.

He also started eSwashthya, a start-up that provided health services in villages through mobile and hotline services. This start-up has grown into becoming India’s primary healthcare service for rural areas. This business might have been flourishing but was created as an effort to increase the feasibility of medicines and healthcare in the rural sectors.

Anand Piramal Height

Anand is fairly a tall man with a height of approximately 6 feet. He resembles many features of his father and mother combined. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Anand Piramal Net Worth
Anand Piramal Net Worth

Anand Piramal Net Worth FAQs

What is Anand Piramal’s Net Worth?

Anand Piramal’s net worth is expected to be $4.9 billion

What is Ajay Piramal’s Net Worth?

Ajay Piramal’s Net Worth is $2.9 billion

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