American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Episodes

American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date – Is there even enough American Horror Story for us to watch even now? No, and the answer will never be yes. All the fans of the show have always loved the storylines and the crazy extent it takes you. The show is all set to get back with American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date and we have all the exclusive insights into their comeback. For the ones waiting to know about the American Horror Story Season 12 Storyline, this one is for you. Keep reading to know more or head to our overview section to find out everything!

The American Horror Story Season 11 was loved and created to drive a change in the string of storylines the show was showcasing. Every season has been equally exciting for the viewers and all the cast members have delivered amazing performances in each character they played. This year too we are interested in knowing the American Horror Story Season 12 Cast and much more. To know everything about American Horror Story Season 12, keep reading!

The uniquely designed show popularly called AHS has been the top choice of all thriller, horror, and suspense genre lovers. While the premise is based on real events, the show goes to extreme extends to showcase a new and developed version of it all. The director of the show Ryan Murphy has now shared a lot about the new season however we will be telling you everything important in this article on the American Horror Story Season 12 release date and new cast members.

American Horror Story Season 12

AHS Season 12 is still a mystery much like its crazy stories. The show has a style of connecting with the viewers and how they can pick and season simply to start a new story. Every season a similar pool of actors, act in different storylines and deliver a new story of the show which is gruesome, thrilling, and always horror! The viewers have loved this sociological drama bordering on the edge of horror and thriller and this is why it has come this far!

American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date

AHS Season 12 cast is also a mystery along with the storyline however some confirmed names have been shared which we will also share with you as you read ahead in this article. Make sure you do the extra effort of scrolling down and finding all the details you need on the show.

American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date Overview

American Horror Story Season 12 Overview
Name American Horror Story Season 12
Category Entertainment
OTT Amazon Prime
Cast Bellie Lord, Leslie Grossman
Genre Thriller
Release Date October 2023

American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date

One thing about Ryan is that he has been very regular with delivering the actor performances and we love that for being himself. The new season is still in the works and Ryan has made sure that new information comes out. While we have made our own assumptions and speculations on the new season we still have the basic details on the release of the show.

The 12th season will be released between October – November 2023. Like every year before covid, the show always releases around autumn 2023 and so this year they are coming back to normal.

For all the fans that were speculating if American Horror Story Season 12 was canceled, the answer is a big no. It has not been canceled up till now and the reason for the same is that there were three-season contracts signed when the 11th season was released. Thus, you have two more stories to witness and we hope it gets renewed from there on too!

American Horror Story Season 12 – Where to Watch

While all the users simply have logged into the same platform to watch this show over and over again since its release, you can watch the show on Amazon Prime this year too. This information is here to share with all the users who somehow have not watched this epic series and others who thought that the show would be released on a different platform this year.

Many were speculating changes in the release platform as the show was already being delayed and there was no word from the makers on its release date or filming on the storyline. Now that we know when the show airs and where it airs, let us wait patiently for a teaser into the new storyline soon.

American Horror Story Season 12 Trailer

The best way to get into the idea of every new American Horror Story Season Storyline is the trailer. Although it is simply a glimpse and the way the show throws twists and turns at our faces, the guesses never work.

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American Horror Story Season 12’s trailer launch will also see the new perspective the makers are now aiming at. If they will be covering issues like the apocalypse or if there is more to the ideas in the minds of the makers is still in question.

American Horror Story Season 12
American Horror Story Season 12

American Horror Story Season 12 Storyline and Cast

Let us be honest, while the viewers are ready to wait for a bit more for the show’s release, they are excited simply to know what the show will be about this time. This pretty much captures or loses the entire interest of the viewers.

While there has not been any update on the same by the makers, the show will soon be confirmed officially and even a mere American Horror Story Season 12 poster launch will be a game changer for us. As for the cast, the classics Bellie Lord, Leslie Grossman, and Issac Powell are returning for sure. Let us see who joins the cast for the big saga this year.

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