Alabama Mortgage Rates Today, Mortgage and Refinance Rate in Alabama July 2023

Alabama Mortgage Rates: We will update you all about the latest mortgage rates in July 2023 in Alabama. In terms of population size, Alabama is almost in the middle of the pack. In line with this, the mortgage market in this southern state is roughly average when compared to previous national rates. Both the conforming loan limits and the FHA loan limitations are generally average for Alabama counties. Read more to find out all about Alabama Mortgage Rates.

Alabama Mortgage Rates 

Product Interest rate APR
30-year fixed-rate 6.039% 6.164%
20-year fixed-rate 6.177% 6.298%
15-year fixed-rate 5.406% 5.666%
10-year fixed-rate 5.870% 6.368%
7-year ARM 6.402% 7.194%
5-year ARM 5.781% 6.978%
30-year fixed-rate FHA 5.750% 6.744%
30-year fixed-rate VA 5.432% 5.839%

Historical Alabama Mortgage Rates

Basic Facts About Alabama Mortgage Rates 

  • $172,800 is the median home value (U.S. Census Bureau) 
  • Funding Ratio for Loans: 55.54% (CFPB) 
  • 73.4% of Americans own a home (St. Louis Fed) 
  • Expenses of Owning a House Monthly Median: $1,242 (U.S. Census Bureau) 

In general, Alabama’s mortgage rates are very similar to the national average. The state has lower home ownership costs than the $1,697 national median. 

Working with a financial expert in Alabama will help you become ready for the home-buying process. Financial advisors can also help with tax, investment, and financial strategies, estate planning, and retirement to make sure you are making preparations for the future. 

Alabama Mortgage Rates Overview

Alabama is one of the more cost-effective states to buy a house in. The median home value in this area is $172,800, which is significantly less than the comparable national number of $281,400. 

Mortgage and Refinance Rate in Alabama July 2023

The conforming loan ceiling in the state is $726,200 for each county. According to the figures, Alabama’s cost of living is once more on pace with that of the rest of the nation. The $472,030 FHA standard cap is also available in every county. 

Conforming and FHA Loan Limits by County

Alabama is a “buyer beware,” or “caveat emptor,” state, which is significant to keep in mind. That implies that the onus of discovering any flaws in the property before buying is squarely on the buyer. An enormously useful tool to confirm the conditions of a home before a purchase is a property inspection. While not required, home inspections are vitally necessary to ensure that a purchase is legitimate. A buyer typically accepts the property as-is when they proceed with a sale without having it inspected. 

30-Year Fixed Alabama Mortgage Rates

For buyers who intend to stay in their homes for a while, fixed-rate mortgages are frequently the best mortgage choice. The most typical kind of home loan is therefore a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. You are promised the same principal and interest payment for the duration of the loan, and rates are affordable. Another choice is a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, which often has a lower interest rate than the 30-year option. Unfortunately, this alternative will result in larger monthly payments. 

The typical Alabama 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 5.96%. 

Alabama Mortgage Rates: Jumbo Loan Rates

Alabama typically has more reasonably priced homes. As a result, Alabama has fewer mortgages for jumbo loans. The maximum conforming loan amount for these loans is $726,200, which applies to all counties in Alabama. Be mindful of the higher interest rates that come with jumbo loans if you’re thinking about getting one for your mortgage. 

Conforming loan limitations are in place because it would be riskier for lenders to extend credit above certain limits. Because there is more money at risk, jumbo loans have higher mortgage interest rates to account for the increased risk. 

Alabama’s typical jumbo mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed term is 6.07%. (Zillow, Jan. 2023). 

Alabama Mortgage Rates: ARM Loan Rates

An adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, often has a lower initial interest rate than a fixed-rate mortgage. The lower rate is offered during this time. The interest rate on a mortgage can “adjust” once a year beyond that initial time. In general, the rate rises. 

The good news is that you are protected against such eventuality by an interest rate cap that is stipulated in the loan’s conditions. So, you will be aware of the highest potential rate upfront. It is advisable to evaluate the potential maximum interest rate specified in the terms before choosing an ARM to determine if you are comfortable paying it. 

Alabama’s 5/1 ARM average interest rate is 5.44%.  

Alabama Mortgage Rates Resources

Mortgage and Refinance Rate in Alabama July 2023

There are resources available if you need assistance with your mortgage in Alabama. Two programs are provided by the Alabama Housing Finance Agency (AHFA) to assist you in getting started. The Step-Up program was created to aid middle-class homebuyers who can pay for a mortgage but require more support with their down payment. An ordinary 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is linked with a second mortgage to secure the money for the down payment. 

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The AHFA also provides a Mortgage Credit Certificate that lowers homebuyers’ federal income taxes and releases income to qualify for a mortgage.  The Hardest Hit Alabama program can assist you if you’re having trouble paying your mortgage and worry that you might experience a reclosure.  

Alabama Mortgage Rates Available Resources

You can also be eligible for aid in Alabama through the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development. The initiative offers assistance in finding safe, affordable homes to benefit rural communities. For those wishing to buy a new house or make repairs to their existing one, loans and grants are available. 

Alabama Mortgage Rates Taxes

While filing their federal income taxes, homeowners are entitled to write off the mortgage interest they pay. Also, this is true for Alabama’s state income taxes. By adding the eligible mortgage interest payments, you made in the tax year on both your state and federal forms, you can double your deductions for those payments. 

Real estate property title transfers are subject to taxes in Alabama as well. Each $500 of transferred value is subject to a $0.50 state real estate transfer tax in Alabama.  

Alabama Mortgage Rates
Alabama Mortgage Rates

Alabama Mortgage Rates Refinance

The High Loan-to-Value Refinance Option is a substitute for the Home Affordable Refinancing Program (HARP), which is offered by Fannie Mae.

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