18 Pages OTT Release Date, Collection, OTT Platform & Rights Bagged By Netflix and Aha Video

18 Pages OTT Release Date: 18 pages OTT release is in the works, it is a Telegu language romantic comedy. The film gave a good cinema performance and has been loved by the fans. The film is from the romantic comedy genre, which revolves around the lives of two people falling in love without meeting. This article will share all the exclusive information on the 18 Pages OTT Release Date, collection, OTT platform for the release, and the rights of the screening. 18 pages were released on 23 December 2022, the romantic drama instantly became a holiday choice for the fans. The film has done well on screen and was released at the right time owing to the year-end holidays.

18 Pages OTT Release Date Overview

18 Pages OTT Release Date Overview
Release Date 23rd December 2022
OTT Release Date Mid-January
Cast Nikhil Siddharth and Anupama Parameswaran
Genre Romantic Comedy
Article Category Entertainment

18 Pages Background and Cast

The movie was written by Sukumar and is the directorial feature of Surya Pratap. The production of the movie was by Sukumar himself under his production house Sukumar Writings in collaboration with GA2 Pictures. Nikhil Siddharth, the very loved Telegu movie star is the lead male protagonist and Anupama Parameswaran plays the role of the lead female protagonist.

Ahead of Nikhil’s Karthikeya 2, he shot 18 pages which reflected a different genre and showed a different side of his acting. Composer Gopi Sundar was the music director of the movie, he delivered some songs that fans loved.

Other key roles are played by actors Arjun Kalyan, Goparaju Ramana, Shatru, and Ajay. The casting of the movie was done with a very well thought process and the feature came out perfectly.

18 Pages OTT Release

AHA management, which is an exclusive Telegu streaming platform has bought the rights to the movie. The audience has waited for the movie to release on OTT as a huge percentage has now shifted to watching OTT over cinema. Thus, the OTT rights of the movie are very much in demand. Additionally, seeing such anticipation for the movie’s OTT release date the AHA management has also decided to release the movie in January 2023. The platform is planning to release the movie in mid-January closer to the time of the Sankranthi Festival.

 Collection at the Box Office

The movie is still showcasing at the Box Office. The current popularity of the movie has been because of the much-loved lead actor, Nikhil. His last movie Karthikeya 2 was a mass hit and did rounds all over the industry. He is an inspiration for the youngsters and gives them a ray of hope for their upcoming debuts. He started his career as an assistant director and how made it big. His biggest hit was the Sakaru Vaari Pata, which was considered his walk to fame.

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18 Pages Plot

The movie revolves around Siddu who has been recently cheated on by his girlfriend, while roaming in a depressed state he finds a diary on the road. The diary only has 18 pages written in it by a girl named Nandini, after reading the diary he instantly falls in love with the girl. He travels to her hometown and to his shock he finds that Nandini had passed away in a road accident. Nandini is shown as a strange girl who never uses a phone and only writes in the diary she had. She had passed away in an accident when she traveled to a different city to deliver a letter.

Siddu from then onwards goes on a mission to fulfill all her last wishes to make her family feel like she is still present.

But amongst all this he gets a hint of Nandini being still alive, is she alive or is it just Siddu’s dedication that is playing tricks with him? The movie is set to keep the audience on their toes with its quick pace.

18 Pages OTT Release Date
18 Pages OTT Release Date

18 Pages OTT FAQs

When will 18 pages be released on OTT?
18 pages will be released in mid-January.

Which OTT platform will release 18 pages?
18 pages will make its OTT premier on AHA management.

What is 18+ mean in 18 pages movie?
People aged 18 and above will be admitted.

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