15 Best Christmas Poem

15 Best Christmas Poem: Christmas Eve is very sweet and adorable. When Santa brings gifts, the whole environment is filled with excitement. Santa Claus loves children very much. Santa gives beautiful gifts to children. Children eagerly wait for Santa and expect that Santa will bring them the same gift as they want.

15 Best Christmas Poem

this holy light of christmas
give new dimension to life
Every road is your sweet
be colorful every morning and evening
“Happy Christmas 2022”

the evening of 25 December
she is so beautiful
to give you the gift you want
will make muqaddar ka sikandar
“Merry Christmas 2022”

15 Best Christmas Poem
15 Best Christmas Poem

bag full of happiness
bright stars in the sky
brighten up your life
I think you are the sweetest

bless you jesus
When Santa Claus came home
yes your dream come true
have fun in life

smell of sandalwood
color of flowers
on this christmas eve
blooming limbs

15 Best Christmas Poem

will come when santa claus
holding hands with a smile
Your life will be laughing
Will be colored every coming night

eat at christmas
beautiful delicious dish
and be with santa
you lucky man

oh santa’s hand
wonderful gift for you
Happiness will rain step by step
There will be no joy

15 Best Christmas Poem 2
15 Best Christmas Poem 2

christmas love cup
Will shower you with immense love
Banega Jeevan Gulshan Gulshan
your world will bloom

colorful christmas season
very beautiful suhani de night
gift to you santa
written romantic story

candle light
flower of love
make christmas so colorful
the gift of life

Christmas Bunke Diamond
shine your life
Blooms of happiness everywhere
smelled up

shayari on christmas
may jesus be full of blessings
this christmas festival
meet you by yourself
help with affection immense

15 Best Christmas Poem 3

look that holy time has come
When the issue came to this earth
enjoy the cake
You have plenty of opportunities now

On this day the Christmas tree is decorated with candles and lights. Different types of dishes are prepared at home. Especially the cake is of great importance. The biggest reason for celebrating Christmas is because of the birth of Jesus on 25 December.

15 Best Christmas Poem 4

Lord Ishu was born in Bethlehem from the death of Mother Mary. Jerusalem is currently in the Jewish country of Israel. Both Palestinians and Israelis claim their rights over this Jerusalem. And about which there is always a quarrel between the two countries.

That is 2000 years ago. There was Yusuf in a village. Yusuf’s wife’s name was Mary. One day a eunuch comes and says. That your future son will be the son of Ishwar whose name will be Jesus. At that time the census was going on in Bethlehem. So Joseph and Mary also went to Bethlehem. All the inns were booked there. So they had to stay in a horse stable.

Ishu was born on the same night. Light shone in the sky and a divine voice told this to some shepherds and the shepherds came to meet Jesus in that stable.

15 Best Christmas Poem 5
15 Best Christmas Poem 5

Then a star showed the way to three intellectuals and they also came to Bethlehem to meet Jesus. Slowly the news spread throughout Bethlehem that their savior had been born.

Jesus grew up, he was a knower of scriptures and started spreading the word of God. He told us that we should follow the path of God. Everyone started obeying him.  But some people became his enemies as well. When Jesus finally came to Jerusalem, the dictators there hanged him on the cross.


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